125cc Learner Legal Motorcycles

The Hogfather MTC have a range of over 45 125cc motorcycles available in a huge range of styles from 125cc Cruisers, 125cc Sports bikes, 125cc Commuters and 125cc Retro Motorcyles. These motorcycles are fantastic for your first motorbike to gain experience at very low cost.

They are also fantastic for those looking to cut down on the cost of travel, you can expect to get up to 120mpg, road tax is just £17 per year and insurance will be under £250 per year. Travel does not get much cheaper than that!

Another great thing about 125cc size motorcycle is you do not need to pass your full motorcycle test all you need is a provisional, once you pass a one day course called a CBT you can ride your 125cc motorcycle or scooter for 2 years with L plates before you need to do your CBT again.

125cc motorcycles are fantastic for city commuting, for families who can't afford a 2nd car, for teenagers looking to get around and anyone looking to get into biking.

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