Road Legal and Childrens Off Road Quadbikes from Quadzilla

We list the entire Quadzilla range from small childrens buggies, right up to huge adult sized utility quadbikes.

All QUADZILLA ROAD LEGAL VEHICLES have full EEC approval for road use in the UK and the European Union and may be driven on UK roads with a full car license. Under no circumstances should people under 16 years of age operate Quadzilla ROAD LEGAL vehicles. Jumps/stunts depicted are undertaken by trained professionals and should not be attempted by amateur riders. Helmets/safety gear should always be worn during operation.

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MAD MAX The Rocker Mad Max is pretty much every kids (big or small) dream ‘toy’. It’s a proper of..
The Orion Mikro 70cc kid’s quad bike is our top selling kids quad and represents excellent value for..
The Fox70 is our smallest ATV aimed at children (supervised) from 6 years and upwards. From the manu..
The Raging Bull 110 is our entry performance ATV aimed at children (supervised) from 10 years and up..
The Hammerhead Torpedo buggy is the entry level kids off road buggy from Hammerhead and an excellent..
Quadzilla Buzz 2K Off Road Quad Back by popular demand, the new latest version of the Buzz 50 49..
Quadzilla Mini Bug (Shark 5.5) To suit children from around 5 or 6 up to around 8 or 9 years old...
New quad bike for 2017 / 2018! The 125RR Junior quad bike is based on the already proven Panther ..
Kayo Raging Bull 125 ATV The RAGING BULL 125 ATV is a remarkably capable quad from the manufactur..
Kayo Jackal 150 UTV The Jackal 150 ATV is a remarkably capable mini utility quad from the manufac..
Quadzilla R100 Off Road Quad QUADZILLA R100 OFF ROAD ATV (BLACK or RED) SEAT HEIGHT : 680mm ENG..
Quadzilla Wolf XL  QUADZILLA’s newest mid-size kids go-kart featuring the latest innovations..
New product for Spring 2018! The Mudhead '208R' is the latest version of the well proven Hammerhead™..
Quadzilla proSHARK 100s New features include: Re-worked high torque exhaust, Powder coated lightw..
Kayo Raging Bull 250 The RAGING BULL 250 ATV is a remarkably capable quad from the manufacturers ..