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The Rieju RS3 125 sports bike uses the Minarelli-Yamaha 4 Stroke, 4 Valve Liquid cooled engine. 15 HP real power. Six speed gearbox. Mounted in a lightweight and responsive frame. USD forks, Aluminium swingarm. Ø280mm front disc with radial mounted twin piston caliper. Digital cockpit. LED front position light combined with Dual fairing mounted projector headlamps. With its wide 17-inch alloys rims and well designed bodywork this bike looks and handles like any full size machine. Ride Magazine Best overall buy in massive group test! Stop Press the RS3 125 just won best overall 125 bike in 2013 by motorcycle news !


The once popular sports 125 class has had a bit of a boost recently thanks to the introduction of some very tasty looking bikes, like this Spanish built, Yamaha powered Rieju RS3 125 LC Racing for instance. The Rieju is drop dead gorgeous and mimics a full size sports bike perfectly. See this baby from a distance and your first reaction is that it is a ‘proper’ sports bike. Ride it and you’ll get an appreciative nod from most oncoming bikers, something learners aren’t used to receiving. Anyone sporting ‘L’ plates is often looked upon as some kind of second class bike rider, not worthy of acknowledgement. The Rieju RS3 is different though, yes it may still have a relatively low powered motor but it certainly looks fast and that counts for a lot to a seventeen year old. The Rieju looks like it might be a tad uncomfortable to ride but it isn’t actually a bad riding position, in fact I’d go as far as to say it is fairly easy on the wrists and quite roomy. There’s no mistaking this bikes sporting prowess though, with my chin resting on the tank of the derestricted bike I managed to notch up over 80mph on the nifty digital dash (the dash also features a trip function, max speed and temp gauge). Straight line speed isn’t really what this bike is all about though. Rieju haven’t developed that lovely twin cradle frame and braced alloy swinging arm for nothing, nor have they fitted the 40mm upside down forks with 280mm brake disc and radial mount twin pot calliper, or the lightweight alloy wheels, shod with 17 inches of Michelins finest rubber. This bike is built to be ridden and any youngsters lucky enough to own one for their first bike are in for a real treat. The Rieju has sublime handling; in fact for the actual top speed of the bike it’s probably a bit too well sorted because it’s impossible to upset it, you can chuck it into corners as hard as you like and it won’t be upset. The engine is worth mentioning, it’s actually the same liquid cooled, 4-valve lump as used in the class leading Yamaha YZF-R125 (which incidentally costs almost £1000 more than this bike). The Rieju uses a carburettor though rather than fuel injection which makes it easier to tune (there are big bore kits and exhausts available). In derestricted form the engine makes 15bhp and will do around 80mph which isn’t bad and it does perform well enough to let you have some fun, which is what biking is all about. It only takes the right mood, some decent tight roads and a capable bike and you can have as much fun on a 125 as you can on an R1. Power and speed may be a recipe for adrenaline in the right hands but there is still fun to be had without needing to double the speed limit and this little Spanish built bike is the perfect tool to deliver that teenage kick. To get the most fun from a 125cc four stroke you need a good section of roundabouts linked by short A-roads, spend a bit of time happily making a circuit and perfecting your technique and your riding will improve immensely. That’s the great thing about spending more than is strictly necessary on a 125cc bike. You are getting the best blend of style, performance and equipment all in one neat package. Learn to ride on the best and you should iron out any riding flaws without being able to blame the bike. If you’re looking for your first bike and want to impress your mates on a stunning and well sorted sports bike then you won’t go far wrong with the Rieju RS3 125. Facts at a glance Engine: 124.6cc, liquid cooled, four valve, single cylinder 4-stroke Power: 14.75bhp @ 9,000rpm Transmission: Six speed manual Frame: Double steel cradle Suspension: 40mm inverted forks, mono shock rear Brakes: 280mm front disc, 220mm rear disc Tyres: Front 100/80-17, rear 130/70-17 Seat height 845mm Dry weight 128kg Fuel capacity 12 litres Price: £3,299

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